In our minds, the wheels turn, playing our memory tracks over and over again. They get scratchy. Begin to sound dated. Begin to sound foreign. And yet, in remembering, we continue to identify with past times. Past versions of ourselves, even as we evolve and the wheels turn and churn and burn for new recordings. Like the girl from the movie, The Ring, our past selves haunt the tape spools of our minds, and yet we can’t resist watching, even in horror. Continue reading “Re-remembering”

Asimov’s Simulation

The dream is wicked.
It is our own.
A mind-shared reality,
from a childish throne.—
But can we change it?
Is there power with me?
Or is our world strictly determined
by an unknown entity?
Blips in the Matrix.
Life is but a dream.
And the world we call reality,
not so it seems.
Plugging in
and tuning out.
Outsourcing our streams of consciousness
and all that we’re about.
The perception game.
The world that we curate?
So it may seem, even
in a program of fate.

~ M.

We Are One

An ode to TED Talks, social media and the foresight of Battlestar Galactica

Your sing-song voice
sounds preachy to me.
You think you’re being so
“AWESOME!” and inspiring.
Well, maybe you are,
but IMHO #hashtagsaresupercheesy.
And textese is lazy.
Fakers faking everywhere.
Faking it ‘till they’re making’ it,
virtually with one another –
getting hard-ons over how clever they find themselves
in posts and forums.
So much is easier in our world these days.
Self-Expression, condemnation,
clique-proliferation… add your “-tion.”
Ad your “-tion.”
Too bad, the demise of disconnection.
The more connected we are
with one another,
the less we are
with ourselves.
A price to be paid
with Bitcoin and souls.
Just the evolution of humanity
as a fracking whole.

~ M.