The Dark Half

This June, I read Stephen King’s The Dark Half, a story in which an author’s alter ego competes for control of his life. As a Gemini, I naturally identify with the concept of duality. With this book, it’s especially interesting to consider what it means for an individual to live as their “true self,” versus who they think they should be. For example, in terms of personal interests versus professional success, while many of us want to live true to ourselves, a high-paying, though soul-sucking venture can also look awfully tempting.

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My earliest memory was of being caught at the end of a fishing line. I was standing behind my brother on a fishing pier at the Virginia coast when he cast his line behind him, not realizing I was standing there. I was three years old then, and our family had begun what would become our summertime ritual of traveling east for fishing, crabbing and soaking in the beach sun. For my brother, the redhead of the family, this usually meant getting burned to a lobster red. Despite the sunscreen, hats and white, long-sleeved shirts, the ultraviolet waves reflected brightly around, infiltrating on the breeze. Continue reading “Hooked”