9 and 6

I remember playing the Ouija board with with my Grandmother when I was a little girl. We were on her screened-in side porch, one of those warm Summer nights when all the crickets performed their hours-long symphony.


The question I decided to ask was How old will I live to be? After a moment, the planchette began to move, as our fingertips lightly touched its plastic face. Eventually, it moved to the “9,” and then it went over to the “6,” just halfway to the “7.” Wow! 96 and a half years old! I was going to live a very long time. I wondered if what the Ouija board was telling us was true. I suspected that my Grandmother was responsible for this answer and I questioned her about it. But she claimed that she hadn’t moved the pointer. And so I chose to believe it, because that was more fun. And even though I now think she did intentionally move the planchette to “9” and then “6,” I still can’t help but believe it a little bit even now. Well, one day I’ll find out if she was right.

featured image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain