Severed Limb

A sudden storm came and broke the branch of our little dogwood tree. I watched the weather radar on my phone app as the storm mushroomed into red and orange from out of nothingness, directly above us. It rained so hard all at once that the streets and sidewalks flooded. The wind gusted and slammed our storm door open against the porch railing. All of this, while the lightening cracked in white sheets overhead.

After it was over, our little tree stood silently with its broken branch touching down to the ground. It had already grown an abundance of red berries, bursting with the anticipation of their Fall plumage. Like a surgeon striving for a good bedside manner, I inspected the break with my hands before carefully sawing off the appendage. I wanted to make it quick, while being respectful. I tended the wound. Nothing more I could do, as I dragged away its severed limb.