We Are One

An ode to TED Talks, social media and the foresight of Battlestar Galactica

Your sing-song voice
sounds preachy to me.
You think you’re being so
“AWESOME!” and inspiring.
Well, maybe you are,
but IMHO #hashtagsaresupercheesy.
And textese is lazy.
Fakers faking everywhere.
Faking it ‘till they’re making’ it,
virtually with one another –
getting hard-ons over how clever they find themselves
in posts and forums.
So much is easier in our world these days.
Self-Expression, condemnation,
clique-proliferation… add your “-tion.”
Ad your “-tion.”
Too bad, the demise of disconnection.
The more connected we are
with one another,
the less we are
with ourselves.
A price to be paid
with Bitcoin and souls.
Just the evolution of humanity
as a fracking whole.

~ M.