The Wolf’s Tale

It was one of those crisp Autumn days when the sun filtered through the leaves of yellow, orange and red. It looked as though all the woods were aflame with a great witches’ fire. Now, after chopping wood all afternoon, I lay there in the warmth of that arboreal tapestry, looking up through the branches at patches of blue and white sky. Lost in thought, I was stroking my beard when I heard the distant sound of small feet crunching along the nearby path. Reluctantly, but curious, I lifted my heavy head and sniffed the air. Notes of wine and cake, as well as something else more sweet and rare. Continue reading “The Wolf’s Tale”

Baba Yaga

Lately, I’ve been taking a writing class that focuses on fairy tales.—Not the Disney interpretations, but the earlier wonder tales handed down from centuries, where ghastly things happen to children and adults, alike. My recent class assignment was to pick up where a traditional wonder tale ends and write what happens next. I chose the story of Vasillisa, which describes the Baba Yaga—a witchy character who lives in the woods, in a hut that stands on chicken legs. In celebration of the start of October and the coming of Halloween, I’m sharing my story here… Continue reading “Baba Yaga”

The Dark Half

This June, I read Stephen King’s The Dark Half, a story in which an author’s alter ego competes for control of his life. As a Gemini, I naturally identify with the concept of duality. With this book, it’s especially interesting to consider what it means for an individual to live as their “true self,” versus who they think they should be. For example, in terms of personal interests versus professional success, while many of us want to live true to ourselves, a high-paying, though soul-sucking venture can also look awfully tempting.

Continue reading “The Dark Half”